Learn How to Greenlight Yourself with ‘Wildflower’ Director Matt Smuckler

Mar 30, 2023
Learn How to Greenlight Yourself with ‘Wildflower’ Director Matt Smuckler
'Wildflower' Director Matt Smukler talks with NFS about making his film

‘Wildflower’Credit: Momentum Pictures

Have you ever thought about drawing inspiration for your characters, from your own family? How do you accomplish that in a way that protects them while also being true to the story?

In this episode, No Film School’s GG Hawkins and the director of Wildflower, Matt Smukler, discuss:

  • Taking a documentary piece and turning it into a narrative feature

  • Being as authentic as possible while not losing his family in the process

  • Knowing immediately who would be cast as the main character

  • Leaning on the screenwriter and main actress to help him tell a young girl’s story

  • Not wanting the audience to recognize his director’s hand

  • Using a feature editor versus a commercial editor

  • The things he wishes he knew before making a feature film

  • How a game of tennis helped him find a producer

  • Having his teenage daughter write songs for the film 

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